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Best Recipes Using Cookies

Best Recipes Using Cookies

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5 creative new ways to enjoy everyone's favorite Christmas treat

Everyone loves cookies, and they are wonderful eaten all by themselves or simply dipped in a little milk. But have you ever thought about getting a little creative with them? We're not talking about making up some crazy new type of cookie, but rather using cookies as part of another dessert recipe. Genius.

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Incorporating a cookie into a dessert can be as simple as turning it into a sandwich, as in this excellent Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich Recipe from the BabyCakes cookbook. As the author Erin McKenna says in her book, "Slather an exceedingly generous dollop of your favorite frosting between two of these cookies and you've got your newest addiction, the BabyCakes NYC cookie sandwich." We agree.

Or, if a more sophisticated approach is more your style, try this fantastic recipe for Cookie Truffles from Andrea Chan-Dilberto. They are the perfect treat for a large gathering, when you would rather have guests serve themselves instead of spending a ton of time cutting a cake or pie. For more great recipes using cookies, check out the slideshow.

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