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Cake with leaves, burnt sugar and blackberry cream

Cake with leaves, burnt sugar and blackberry cream

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Preparation time: less than 90 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Cake with leaves, burnt sugar and blackberry cream:

From all the ingredients for the sheets, make a crust. Divide into 3 and bake on the bottom of the baking tray. The sugar is caramelized and greased on each sheet (after baking).

Prepare the cream with only 400 ml of milk. When it has cooled, add the blackberry jam and butter.

Fill the sheets with cream, then glaze with melted chocolate!

Apple cake and burnt sugar cream

Apple cake and burnt sugar cream it is a fabulous cake, it is easy and quick to prepare and the result is amazing. I made the apple cake in different variants, from the molded apple cake, the simple and fast apple cake to the apple cake and baking pudding. But I must admit that in this version, it is not just & # 8222 the same Marie but with a different hat & # 8221.

In this version, apple cake and burnt sugar cream it's not just a homemade cake, it's a fine dessert worthy of being served in a Michelin-starred restaurant. It is not decorated in a certain way because it looks insane, refined, but at the same time so simple.

Apple cake and burnt sugar cream go very well with whipped cream or a cup of ice cream. For the video recipe I used whipped cream but on other occasions I served the cake with vanilla ice cream, an amalgam of special tastes that must be tried.

The apple cake and burnt sugar cream is not the apple cake we are used to. If the traditional apple cake made in different ways and shapes is economical, accessible to any pocket, the apple cake and burnt sugar cream is not like that at all. Overall the cake with apples and burnt sugar cream is a cake with 14 eggs, so it is not a cheap cake at all.

The preparation of the cake and the necessary steps for the preparation method can be considered simple or cumbersome, depending on each housewife. This is because each stage must be completed on time. What do I mean? Well, while the apple caramel is in the oven, you have to prepare the cream. There is this requirement because when you take the tray out of the oven you have to pour the composition over the apple caramel and put the tray back in the oven. And this time you have to prepare something while the tray is in the oven, the countertop!

The composition for the countertop must be put on the cream as soon as you take the tray out of the oven. Of course, there is enough time for everything but for this cake you have to work organized.

Cake with caramel cream and leaves with honey & # 8211 English Dobos

Cake with caramel cream and leaves with honey & # 8211 English Dobos. An old cake recipe with tender sheets filled with a fine cream of butter with burnt sugar (caramel). The cake can be prepared in advance because it needs time to soften.

This one caramel cream cake and honey sheets I know it from my great-grandmother Buia from Sibiu. I don't know why he called it & # 8222Dobos Englezesc & # 8221. It is certain that it was preferred by my uncle Horia, my mother's brother. God forgive him, it's been 10 years since he left us prematurely. Horia was a very nice and cultured man, doctor of history, author of specialized books, speaker of many foreign languages, art and great lover of fine music: classical and progressive rock (especially Jethro Tull and Emerson), jazz, blues. Horia didn't give a damn about sweets, but this cake was to his taste and Buia made it for him every year, on his birthday.

The English Dobos has little in common with the original recipe of the Dobos Cake (which you can find here). I think it was a fashion in Transylvania and Banat for any cake with thin sheets and layers of cream to be called & # 8222Dobos & # 8221.

It looks more like Albinita & # 8211 Dulcineea Cake because they are exactly the same tender leaves with honey. But, as you will see below, the filling is much finer, semolina cream and Albinita jam being replaced with a caramel cream (butter with burnt sugar).

From the ingredients below you get a large tray of caramel cream cake and honey sheets & # 8211 ie 30 x 40 cm and having a weight of approx. 2.5-2.7 kg.

Recipe Sheet cake with burnt sugar cream

150 g caster sugar for caramel, 50 g flour, 250 ml water, 150 g butter, 100 g sugar, a vanilla sugar.

Method of preparation
In a bowl, mix the soft butter with the cream, the whole egg, the salt, the flavors and, finally, with the flour together with the growing powder, mix until well incorporated, without kneading. Divide the dough into three parts. Bake the sheets on the back of a medium tray of about 23/33 cm, or a little smaller. Each piece is spread on the table in a 1 cm thick sheet which is then placed on the back of the tray, sprinkled well with flour (smoothed with the palm) and then spread with a rolling pin, until a thickness of about 3 is obtained. mm, to cover the entire tray (if the sheet is too thin, crumble when handling). The edges of the sheet straighten, passing the knife from top to bottom on the edge of the tray. Bake over medium heat for 20 minutes, until lightly browned. After removing the tray from the oven, pass it with the knife under the sheet, so that it comes off, then let it slide lightly on a board or on the back of a tray. The sheets overlap as they bake.
For the cream, the sugar is caramelized until it reaches a light brown color (see »Nougat or grill & # 8221). After a little foam has formed on top, quench with 150 ml of hot water and leave on low heat until the sugar melts well. Separately, rub the flour with 100 ml of cold water, added little by little, so as not to form lumps, and, after the sugar has completely dissolved, pour it into syrup, in continuous stream, always stirring with a spoon, so as not to form lumpy. If desired, you can add 100 g of sugar. After it boils, when the cream has thickened, take the pan off the heat and let it cool, or cool it on cold water, stirring constantly.

Add to the edge of the cream half the amount of butter (which has been kept in the oven for 2-3 hours to make it soft) and mix until all the cream adheres to it and incorporates well, then add the rest of the butter, too. Carefully place a sheet on the back of a jar, grease it with half the amount of cream (even if it is softer), then place the second sheet, grease it with the rest of the cream and, on top of it, put the third. The sheets are pressed a little with the back of a tray, in order to level the cream and it is left until the next day, in order to break the cake.
Powder with sugar and cut into 2/5 cm slices. To give it a more beautiful appearance, immediately after applying the cream and pressing a little with the tray, grease with "White glaze" (an egg white, 100 g powdered sugar, a tablespoon of lemon juice). The icing can be sprinkled immediately with small, colored candies, or with other ingredients, indicated in "Harlequin" and left to dry until the next day, when it is cut into 2/5 cm pieces.

First of all, the burnt sugar sheets are prepared:

Take 1 cup of sugar, put it in a pan and caramelize it until it turns light red. Put the pan aside from the heat and put the hot water and the other cup of sugar, simmering again until the sugar dissolves then let it cool. In this syrup put the baking soda, oil and flour, obtaining a dough not too hard, good for spreading sheets.

Make 4-5 sheets that are baked on the bottom of the tray greased and lined with flour , over medium heat until the leaves are lightly browned. Each sheet is removed from the tray and placed on a separate grill, not one on top of the other.

Caramelized coffee cream:

From 400ml of water, a concentrated coffee is made. Separately in a saucepan put 100g of melted sugar until it turns reddish, remove from the heat the bowl and pour the hot and filtered coffee. . Put it on low heat again until the sugar dissolves, then let it cool. In a non-stick bowl put the rest of the sugar, the starch and mix the dry ingredients a little, then gradually pour the coffee, the rest of the water and bring to a boil over low heat, stirring in the cream until it thickens well.

Put the ness in the hot cream and then let it cool. When it has cooled, gradually add the diced margarine, stirring the cream until incorporated. Then spread the cream between the sheets. It is pressed and garnished with powdered sugar combined with ness or ground walnuts.

Fasting cake with burnt sugar sheets and coffee cream is served after the sheets have softened.

Burnt sugar cake

The cake with burnt sugar sheets is part of the category of cakes loved by Romanians. Along with the TV, Albinita or Tosca cake, these cakes have accompanied us over time and pampered us for the holidays or on special occasions.

As a child, you only saw these cakes on holidays and the joy was much greater. I discovered the burnt sugar sheets at Simona's when we participated in a contest together. So the recipe for sheets belongs to him.

I adapted the creams to what I had around the house and to what I thought fit. You can fill them with other creams, depending on your preferences.

Although it looks a little meticulous, the cake obtained is quite voluminous and of course has a good taste, a little sweet and sour and aromatic, all together.


Cake with burnt sugar sheets and vanilla cream a delicious homemade dessert recipe, with tender leaves flavored and colored with burnt sugar and a vanilla cream without eggs. You can also use other types of cream: semolina cream, sour cream with nuts, mascarpone with whipped cream, a cream with butter and vanilla or a cream with chocolate.

Burnt sugar cake it is very easy to do, despite appearances. It may take us a while to prepare the sheets, but it's definitely worth the effort. These are the stars of the cake. When preparing the dough it is good to use a scale to obtain identical sheets. They stretch more easily between two food sheets. You can draw the shape of the tray on a baking paper and use it as a standard, to spread the dough after it and the losses (the edges that exceed the shape of the tray) should be as small as possible.

Or, you can use my grandmother's method: the centimeter. He had a sewing machine in the kitchen and often borrowed the centerpiece for the cake sheets.

When preparing fine sheets of cake, baked on the bottom of a tray, be careful not to leave the kitchen. bake quickly, depending on the power of the oven, in 8-10 minutes. When removing them, you must handle them with great care so as not to break them. When hot they are very fragile, then they harden. You can overlap the sheets as you take them out of the oven and a very good thing is that you can prepare them a few days before, when you have a table with many dishes to prepare at the same time. The holidays can be crowded, and preparing the sheets 4-5 days in advance will make your work easier.

Cake with burnt sugar sheets and vanilla cream it takes at least 24 hours for the sheets to freeze. After 36 hours it is already perfect!

To prepare the burnt sugar sheets you have to burn the sugar to be nice brown, copper. Do not let it turn dark brown, to black because it is bitter and the cake will not be good.

Other cakes with sheets prepared by me with great success among friends, but also among those who follow my blog:

You can find all the cakes with sheets if click here.

Now I leave the list of ingredients and how to prepare for burnt sugar cake and vanilla cream and I invite you to prepare it too.


For burnt sugar sheets
80 g caramel sugar
80 g of sugar
60 ml water + 2 tablespoons water
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
2 eggs
100 ml oil
a teaspoon of baking powder
1 tablespoon sour cream
flour as it contains around 420 -470 g

Vanilla cream:
750 ml milk
250 g sugar
300 g butter
7 tablespoons flour
1 vanilla pod

For topping:
100 g melted milk chocolate in baine-marie
2 tablespoons milk
1 tablespoon oil
4 tablespoons ground walnuts
powdered sugar

Put 80 g of sugar and 2 tablespoons of water in a saucepan, over low heat until the sugar caramelizes. Quench with 60 ml of water and leave on low heat until the caramel melts, then let this syrup cool.
Mix the 2 eggs together with 80 g of sugar and an envelope of vanilla sugar. Add the oil, the caramel syrup and gradually the flour mixed with the baking powder. Between the stages in which we put the flour, we also add the sour cream.

We spread 3 sheets with dimensions of approximately 22 * ​​33. Put them on a baking sheet and bake them in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for about 8-10 minutes.

Boil half the amount of milk, sugar and seeds in a vanilla bean.

When it starts to heat, add the rest of the milk in which we dissolved the flour. Bring to the boil until the composition thickens, then remove from the heat and allow to cool. When the composition is just a little warm, add the butter and mix well. Then leave the cream to cool for a few hours.

Put the melted chocolate in a bain-marie together with 2 tablespoons of milk. Grease the sheets with vanilla cream, taking care to spread a layer of melted chocolate on the last one and mixed with a tablespoon of oil.

We put a little ground walnut on it, while it is still hot. Before serving, line with powdered sugar.

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